Francesc Martí | Headlines


The Sounds of the world at MEM, Experimental Arts International Festival, Bilbao (11/03/2017)
The Sounds of the world at Phoenix Gallery, Leicester (09/07/2016)
Speech 2 selected at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (02/14/2016)
Exhibiting at Arte Alter, Centro Municipal de Artes y Exposiciones de Avilés (01/19/2016)
Exhibiting at BYTE Gallery, Kentucky, USA (01/12/2016)
Screening at Códec/Festival de Vídeo y Creaciones Sonoras, Mexico City (12/03/2015)
Speech 1 selected at the CYBERFEST Video Program: Bogota, St. Petersburg and New York (09/21/2015)
Screening at the International Electroacoustic Music Festival (EMUFest), Rome (09/21/2015)
Speech 3 at inSonic2015, ZKM-HfG, Karlsruhe (09/20/2015)
Speech 2 at Exhibitronic Festival, Strasbourg and Karslruhe (09/08/2015)
Speech 2 at Transient Festival, Paris (08/22/2015)
Screening at Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC), Dublin (07/25/2015)
Conference and concert at Sonic Arts Forum Meeting, London (07/23/2015)
Speech 2 at Sirga International Festival, Flix, Catalonia (07/15/2015)
Exhibiting at Make Sound Exhibition, Leicester (06/05/2015)
Speech 2 selected at ACTIVA’2016 International sound-videoArt (06/02/2015)
Screening at Xinghai Conservatory, Guangzhou, China (05/20/2015)
Screening at SLINGSHOT Festival of Music, Electronic Arts & Tech, Athens, USA (05/15/2015)
Speech 2 at The Morley Gallery, London (04/24/2015)
Speech 1 at the 3rd international conference Understanding Visual Music-UVM 2015, Brazil (04/24/2015)
Speech 2 at Visible bits, audible bytes 2015, Leicester (04/20/2015)
MTIRC Concert. Wednesday 18th March, Leicester, UK (03/16/2015)
Speech 1 at the National Student Electronic Music Event (N_SEME), Ohio, USA (03/01/2015)
USA tour! Colorado Springs, Ohio and Georgia (02/27/2015)
Speech 1 at Play Festival and Symposium, Oberlin College and Conservatory (02/01/2015)
Screening at World Electroacoustic Listening Room (WEALR), Colorado Spring (01/15/2015)
Screening at the MusicVideoArt Festival, Auditorium du Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille (11/01/2014)
Speech 1 at Espacioenter, Canarias (10/03/2014)
Speech 1 at (h)ear XL II, Multimedia Sound Art Exhibition (09/26/2014)
Saturday morning at (h)ear XL II, Multimedia Sound Art Exhibition (09/26/2014)
Jose Menor & Francesc Martí Project in New York (04/20/2014)
Screening at Medialab-Prado: #CODETHESQUARE (02/10/2013)