I’m delighted to have been invited to take part in the World Electroacoustic Listening Room (WEALR) event -New Music Festival, Colorado Springs, USA- next 28th February. WEALR is an audio-visual presentation of works from around the world, curated by Jane Rigler and Darwin Grosse, under the theme “Image-music-text”.

Program notes:
This year’s WEALR features over five hours of audio-visual collaborative works from around the world that deal with the integration of visuals, sound and text. The involvement of text is what makes this particular show so unique. Text, poetry, references to certain books, and/or language creatively merge with music and moving images. Sometimes the reference to text is subliminal (a sub-text or obscure reference), other times it is transparent. Perhaps it involves the investigation of how words or text resonate, while in some cases, text fuses and transforms into the visual and/or sonic aspects. In every work, the presence of image, sound and text (or books) is weaved into the audio-visual tapestry. Be prepared to plunge into a diverse world where images speak, sing, weep, giggle, swarm, intone, flutter and gurgle into new existences of sound and light.

Francesc Marti at WEALR 2015