I’m happy to announce my participation in the second edition of (h)ear XL – Multimedia Sound Art Exhibition at Kunstencentrum Signe (Heerlen, The Netherlands), from 26/09/2014 to 09/11/2014, with my composition Saturday Morning.

Francesc Marti - Saturday Morning, (h)ear XL II Exhibition Compilation (h)ear XL II
26/09/2014 – 09/11/2014
Multimedia Sound Art exhibition
Kunstencentrum Signe (art centre Signe)
Heerlen, the Netherlands

Saturday Morning, and all the pieces that will take part of the exhibition, will be part of a DVD compilation that can be listened on www.concertzender.nl.

To get more insight in the content of the (h)ear XL II Exhibition Compilation check his page at discogs.