I’m delighted to have been selected at ACTIVA’2016 International sound-videoArt with my work “Speech 2”.

From ACTIVA web:
ACTIVA aims to showcase the latest cultural and artistic trends. The event features a crosscutting programme that reflects the complex cultural fabric of sound-videoArt in the video art today and will dynamize the agenda of Asturias with alternative activities, including exhibitions, screenings, cultural meetings, performances.

ACTIVA is a multidisciplinary event that offers the public a wide range of contents in fields such as audiovisual arts and the art in video. The event will also feature a major space for exploring contemporary models of cultural management, thinking and debate on new paradigms of contemporary creation.

A selection of 5 works of sound-videoArt has been made. They will represent ACTIVA, together with the pieces of the others sections, in others exhibitions and institutional events that take part as partners and sponsors. Some selected works will be integrated into ARTE ALTER, a collection of cultural and patrimonial character with no profit motive in hand or any other kind of commercial speculation. The selection was made first by the contestants themselves and then by a special jury that will act in case of a tie.