My audiovisual installation “Speech 3” will be exhibited at InSonic2015, Aesthetics of Spatial Audio in Sound, Music and Sound-Art, that will take place in the prestigious ZKM – Center for Art and Media, and the HfG – University of Media, Art and Design, Karlsruhe, Germany, from 23rd to 28th of November.

Speech 3 (2015) is a five-channel audiovisual installation, where sound and images are equally important. The installation consists of 5 video monitors spaced out to form a quarter of a circle, and the videos have been created from a series of old clips from the public affairs interview program “The Open Mind”. This installation is a reflection on the action of communicating, highlighting his limitations, and can be labelled as “text-sound-art”, or “text-sound-composition” in an audio-visual framework.

Technically, in this installation, I have been experimenting how granular sound synthesis techniques can be used for audiovisual creative works. The notion of a quantum approach to sound was proposed by the British physicist Dennis Gabor in 1946. But, what is a quantum in an audio-visual context? A frame? A pixel? And what sound corresponds to a “fragment of a frame”? This work gives an answer to these questions, and the original movies are altered, “granulanized”, generating new images and sonorities.

All the piece sounds and images come from that series of clip, in other words, no other sound samples or images have been used to create the final result.