The Sounds of the world at Phoenix Gallery, Leicester

The Sounds of the World is a thirteen channel audio-visual installation built on a network of Raspberry Pi computers and created from a series of Andrei Tarkovsky film clips. The installation explores the concept of audio-visual sampling, in which real-world images and sounds – captured and digitized – are cut, mixed, manipulated and reassembled in order to generate new audio-visual materials. The name is taken from this quote by Andrei Tarkovsky,

Exhibiting at Arte Alter, Centro Municipal de Artes y Exposiciones de Avilés

My audiovisual installation “Speech 2” will be exhibited January 19 to February 19, at the CMAE. Municipal Arts Centre and Exhibitions of Aviles, Spain. The exhibition ‘ARTE ALTER’ which will show the 12th edition SINEDIE and the continuous projection of selected works ACTIVA’2016. The exhibition is directed by Jaime Rguez coordinated by Encarnación Domingo and Jaime Rguez.

Speech 3 at inSonic2015, ZKM-HfG, Karlsruhe

My audiovisual installation “Speech 3” will be exhibited at InSonic2015, Aesthetics of Spatial Audio in Sound, Music and Sound-Art, that will take place in the prestigious ZKM – Center for Art and Media, and the HfG – University of Media, Art and Design, Karlsruhe, Germany, from 23rd to 28th of November. Speech 3 (2015) is a five-channel audiovisual installation, where sound and images are equally important. The installation consists of 5 video monitors spaced out

Exhibiting at Make Sound Exhibition, Leicester

My audiovisual installation “Speech 2” will be exhibited June 6-13, 2015 at Highcross Center in Leicester, as part of the Make Sound Festival. From the festival web: Make||Sound is an eight-day festival taking place in Leicester’s City Centre that will be exploring the possibilities and intricacies of sound as an artform. The event runs from from Saturday 6th June until Saturday 13th June 2015 and will play host to musicians,

Screening at Medialab-Prado: #CODETHESQUARE

My interactive visual works “Line”, “Tracking people”, “Thinking about coloured squares” and “Some particle circles” have been selected for screening in the framework of the AfterARCO programme, which includes urban activities within ARCOmadrid, one of Spain’s most important contemporary art fair. These interactive sketches are based on the visual programming language Processing.js, and they will be screened from 11th to 17th of February in an amazing 15 meters-wide LED facade. Interactive visual works